The name, The Collective Genius, is the perfect name for our business. Individually it’s very hard to run a great business alone.

There’s a saying that it’s lonely at the top and that’s incorrect. It’s just less crowded at the top. It’s really, really lonely if you’re inside of your business and it’s just you.

The Collective Genius is going to give you relationships and people to talk to and to be in front of who’re going through a similar struggle that you’re going through. You can talk to them, you can relate with  them and you can problem solve with them.


There’s struggle in success and there’s struggle in failure.  Let’s be real.

You’re going to get stronger because of the fact that you have others around you who are going through the same issues and problems that you are, and you’re going to be able to solve things together. You’re going to be able to utilize your strengths with someone else’s strengths, partner those things together and get better, faster and stronger.  

The result can be exponential growth.

If you’re considering finding a community, a group of people that you can rely on, work with, and grow with, this is the place to do it.

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