Being an entrepreneur is lonely, I’ll be the first to admit it.  Often times, we feel like we’re on an island to ourselves and our minds spin out of control.  We feel like there’s no one to turn to, no one that understands us and no one that’s going through, what we’re going through.

You wake up sometimes and you’re like, this is my life?  I’m sitting in this office, grinding it out, stuck in this box, beating my brains out and stressed out.  The beauty of The Collective Genius, we get to talk about this stuff, as peers, as mates, side-by-side with each other because the harsh reality is, if you don’t address that, that little voice in our head can take over our logical, critical thinking, and drive us into the ground.

And this is where fears created and we start questioning whether or not we’re even making the right decisions for us, our family, our organization, our team, and our future.

You’re not alone and there’s a proven path out of it.”

If we sit in this state of uncertainty for too long, we often freeze from moving forward.  We stay in our proverbial comfort zone and if we stay there too long, we perish. You can’t grow there,  You’re dying there.  

The idea that you’re alone has to be dispelled.  If you wanna go fast and reckless, go alone. If you wanna go the distance, you gotta have a team you can do it with like the members of CG.

And when get together in CG, we talk about this stuff and go through a process to bring your fears and concerns to the group without having to worry about being judged.  You’ll see quickly that there are others that have already been in your shoes, gone through exactly what you’re talking about and have experienced it the same way.

You’re not alone and there’s a proven path out of it.

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