As a member of the CG leadership team, I get to help people with the struggles that they come into the group with, whether it’s banking and finance, marketing, and sales, acquisitions, rehab, and construction. 

The reason that I’m qualified to help people through these problems is because I’ve been there myself. The good news here is that it’s not just me. There’s a room full of 200+ of the smartest minds in real estate.

Part of my struggle was that I was a solopreneur – a genius with a thousand helpers, as Jim Collins would say. So my struggle was that I didn’t have the right people on board and I wasn’t being the right leader. It starts with me. 

There’s a room full of 200+ of the smartest minds in real estate.

One of the things that may surprise you is that the results you get from fixing the small problem in business actually relates to personal life as well. In fact, one of the reasons that we have members that have been with us for 10+ years is because as you grow and scale, you’re always facing new challenges and new obstacles.

Having a team that supports and helps you get through that struggle at every stage is one of the reasons why we have such strong membership and strong connection and community within CG. 

So if you’re out there in the real estate game and you’re feeling stuck and you’re trying to scale and just hitting a ceiling for profitability, then reach out, fill out the application. Just tell us a little more about yourself. What are you struggling with? We’ll schedule a call and if it suits, we’ll have you out to the next mastermind, risk free.

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