Jason Medley

CG Founder | Chief Connector

  • 21+ Year Career In Real Estate/Finance
  • Partner In Over 2600+ Multi-Family Doors With CG Members
  • Funded North of 1500 Loans

“We are a COMMUNITY of investors that is really focused around placing high caliber real estate investors on the FAST TRACK to becoming visionary leaders that scale their business, build wealth and give back.”

Meet Jason

Leon Barnes

Director Of Member Results

  • 8+ Year Career In Real Estate
  • 350+ Rehabs Under The Belt

“If you’re struggling with scaling your business, hiring the right people, bringing in more leads, raising more capital, or frankly, just want to be around like-minded real estate investors that elevate your thinking, reach out to us.”

Meet Leon



  • Led a Wholesale Operation Doing 250+ Deals Per Year
  • Been a Part of 2,000+ Real Estate Transactions
  • Empire Operating System Implementer & Coach

“The Collective Genius is the leading destination for the nation’s elite real estate investors looking to experience exponential growth not only in their business, but as human beings. That very growth will be fostered by maintaining core values that place giving before receiving, and family first.”


Eric Brewer

CG Premier Facilitator & CG Select Trainer

  • 400+ Deals Per Year
  • 100+ Rentals
  • 6+ Year Career In Real Estate

“When investors join The Collective Genius, they’re looking to scale. Scale can mean a lot of different things to different people. Most often that means leadership – how do they replace themselves potentially in their day-to-day business.”

Meet Eric

Marck de Lautour

CG Premier Facilitator

  • 20+ Year Career In Real Estate
  • 1,700+ Fix & Flips
  • 250+ Deals Per Year

“As a member of the CG leadership team, I get to help people with the struggles that they come into the group with, whether it’s banking and finance, marketing, and sales, acquisitions, rehab, and construction.”

Meet Marck

Danielle Hall

Events & Communications Manager

  • 14+ Years Of Customer Service Experience
  • 3+ Year Career In Marketing

“As the Events & Communications Manager, my ultimate goal is for every member and guest to have the best experience possible.”

Meet Danielle

Jesse Bibbee

Member Concierge

  • Bachelor’s In Marketing
  • 4+ Year Career In Marketing

“Our members have certain challenges or things that they’re going through that they need help with. As the Member Concierge, I have a deep understanding of our membership base.”

Meet Jesse