Who We Are.
What We
Stand For.


We are the premier COMMUNITY for the nation’s elite Real Estate investors and lenders that collectively join forces to create a high level board of directors for one another.


Our fundamental strategy is to relentlessly discover and create OPPORTUNITY to connect our members in financially and spiritually profitable ventures as well as "working" the systems of the business to perfection.


Our VALUES, honor and integrity are well known and have created respect and trust in our market.


We believe that with a profitable business comes blessings, and with those blessings come responsibility. A responsibility to share those blessings in order to make a LASTING IMPACT on the people and world around us.


We create an environment that embraces giving. GIVE beyond measure, the scales of receiving will Tip in your favor…in a big way.


Our CONNECTION to key strategic partners in the areas of business strategies, processes, systems, marketing, team-building, taxation, estate and asset protection and real estate finance and investment, make the Collective Genius platform highly unique in the industry.


We do not “sell” our members, we invite them. They must be the right fit for our CULTURE and we must be the right fit for their business and overall vision of growth.


Our client service goal is to show our investors that they must be in tune with WHY they do what they do…And to continually remind them that money is only the conduit that helps create amazing results in life. Money itself is not the result.


We create and preserve a high CALIBER client due to a detailed application/screening process that allows the top level clients to rise to the top prior to extending and invitation to join our community.


Our mission is to passionately help our privileged members create an amazing lifestyle through growing and protecting their real estate businesses by providing an environment that fosters community, connection, collaboration and contribution.


The Collective Genius is the leading destination for the nation’s elite real estate investors looking to experience exponential growth not only in their business, but as human beings. That very growth will be fostered by maintaining core values that place giving before receiving, and family first.