We Believe

The Entrepreneurial Walk Can Be a Lonely One, But Nothing Quite Like The Loneliness An Orphaned Child Must Feel.

Scott Dilley, Matt Andrews, Dave Payerchin, and Nathan Brooks All Went To Haiti, Repeatedly, To Help Serve The Children In The Orphanage That Scott Dilley Built From The Ground Up With Funds Donated By CG Members Via “THE GENEROUS GENIUS”.

Year After Year Our Members Have Funded The Construction And Daily Operations Of This Orphanage So These Children Don’t Have To Walk Alone.

Join Us In Making A Dent In This Crazy World We Live In.


Our Members Flip North Of 12,000 Homes Per Year, But Every Now And Then We Decided To Give A Few Away To Those Who Are Less Fortunate. This Is When The Collective Genius Turns Into “THE GENEROUS GENIUS”.

Scott Dilley, Lee Arnold, Stephanie Hammonds, and Martin Boonzayyer All Traveled To Ensenada, Mexico To Build Several Homes For Families In Need And Give Them To Them Mortgage-Free.

Each Year We Get Behind Our Members that Run 501C3s And Fund Their Projects Not Only With Money, But With Hard Work.

With Blessing Comes Responsibility. Join Us On Our Next Trip To Make This World... A Better Place.

The Generous Genius Is Our Small Push To

Many Of Us Get Frustrated With The Entrepreneurial Walk and Yet For Some, They Would Give Anything, To Do Just That… WALK.

Pat Precourt, Matt Andrews, and Grey Sneyd and Andrey Sokurec All Saddled Up To Assemble Over 1100 Wheelchairs In Jamaica That Were Funded By “THE GENEROUS GENIUS”.

Our Members Are Constantly Teaming Up To Help Others And Remain Humble In Success.

We’re Here To Make More Than Just Money. We’re Here To MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

If You're Looking For A Way To Give Back, You've Found It Via "THE GENEROUS GENIUS".


Collective Genius Members Do Thousands Of Rehabs Every Year And Yet This One Probably Mattered More Than All The Rest.

Jason Medley Teamed Up With Matt Andrews And “THE GENEROUS GENIUS” To Purchase and Rehab A Duplex For The
Children At Shriner’s Hospital. Shriners Provides Life Changing Surgery For Children Whose Parents Cannot Afford It. However, Often Times, These Children Still Cannot Get The Surgery.

Why. Because Recovery Often Take 2-3 Months And The Families Cannot Afford Housing During That Time Given They Have To Come In From Out Of Town For The Surgery.

Donated… Rehabbed… Duplex… Problem Solved.

We're Looking For Smart People To Help Us Solve These Problems. Is That You?

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