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Profit And Loss Statement

We Combine Our Efforts As A Collective Purchasing Conglomerate To

When Mark Green Is Searching Possibilities To Cut His Marketing Costs He Asks Other CG Members Who Is Handling Their Direct Mail.

Within Minutes He’s Sitting Down With Our Strategic Service Provider Who Delivers Pricing Second-To-None Because Of The Volume Our Members Send To Him.

EXAMPLE: If You’re Mailing 50k Cards A Month And We Can Trim Your Cost By 4 Cents Per Card Because Of Our Purchasing Power, You Save $24,000 Per Year.


Mark Green | 250+ Flips/Yr

In Many Cases The Savings You'll Secure By Being A Collective Genius Member Will

When John and Stacey Bichelmyer Were Searching For Ways To Reduce The Insurance Premiums On Their Portfolio Without
Reducing Coverage Limits, They Sat Down With Our Strategic Service Partner That Specializes In Portfolio Insurance.

They Discussed The Policy Coverages In Detail, Submitted A Quote, And Because “CG” As An Organization Brings So Much Business To Our Partner, They Were Able To Lower Their Cost Of Insurance Without Reducing Coverages.

EXAMPLE: At 41 Doors, Their Savings Covered More Than Half Of The Membership Investment To Be Involved In “CG”. Now That They Have Crossed More Than 90 Doors In Their Portfolio, The Costs Savings Covers More Than The Investment To Be A Part
Of “CG”

John And Stacy Bichelmyer | 90+ Rentals

We Cut Our Members Direct Mail Cost, Portfolio Insurance Costs, Construction Material Costs, Lending Costs, As Well As Many Others Expenses You Spend The Most Money On.

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